Attention: Authors, Course Owners, Info marketers, and Coaches… We want to partner with you, to get your life changing content, not just consumed by people, but actually “Done” by people.

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What Is Reality Gamification?

Reality Games allow you to create a community that pushes each other to learn a skill easier, faster and at a deeper level than with just a basic course, class, book, or information.

You see, information alone will overwhelm the person trying to learn. They can’t just keep consuming content without action.

Reality games encourage them to take action right away and put the skill to use immediately, and then rewards them for it, which motivates them to keep going.

Reading = Information Overwhelm
consuming content without action

Reality Gamification = Immediate Action
take small actions right away

Constant Actions = Accomplishments
motivates them to keep going

Increase Your Course Completion Rate By 236%
and Double Your High-End Ticket Sales

The top 3 features that increased our course completion rate from 17% to 236% are Community, Collaboration, and Incentives. Many courses currently operate with these elements separated by using Facebook Groups and an E-Learning Programs. With NuMove, all of these features were designed into one interface with many more native features.

Why Does Reality Gamification Matter?

Reality Gamification matters because we were designed to be in competitive, collaboration most of our lives. And when we are outside of those designs, living is often dull.

Reality Games allow you to become part of something bigger than yourself. Being a part of something bigger than yourself gives you meaning… Something we all want more of.

It gives you the opportunity to connect with others who care about the same outcome and goal.

Reality Games Can Create New Real-World Communities…

Reality at times, can feel lonely and isolating… especially given the current climate.

Reality Games on the other hand, help us stick together and create powerful communities from literally nothing.

Being in a community feels good. It makes people feel like they belong, that they fit in, and they are actively caring about something together. People rarely leave communities.

A good community will create a shared interest, and will allow its members to interact with each other around that interest. It focuses the attention of the group on a common goal.


Game: Limitless
Category: Self Development/Entrepreneurship

“NuMove has made it easy by making learning fun and actionable at the same time. I can keep track of where all my students/players are at and re-engage them (if needed) with direct messages or pop-up challenges” – Shannon Hoverson, Owner of Limitless
Limitless Game

Game: Aalphalina Pro Shooter
Category: Personal Protection/Life Skill

“I’m excited to have turned my shooting course into a game. Now I can connect with all my students through the app on our phones, where we can take with us to the range, shoot and learn all at the same time” – Aalphalina, Owner of Aalphalina Pro Shooter

Pro shooter game

Game: Solar Seed Onboarding
Category: Corporate In-House Training

“Shout out out to NuMove for helping us gamify and incentivize the learning experience for all our Sales Rep…our sales are going through the roof right and we have scaled up like crazy in the last 90 days” – Kota Ivers, Owner of Solar Seed Onboarding

Solar Seed Game

Introducing The First Reality Gamification Platform…

NuMove is a company that is passionate about using reality gamification to help people take action and learn the skills they want and need to change their lives.

And if you are an author, course owner, info marketer, or coach, then we want to partner with you, to get your life changing content not just consumed by people but actually “Done” by people.

This method of learning has been thoroughly tested and proven to be more effective than your typical e-book, real books, and course software. Reality game players are 5X’s more likely to finish your game than your course.

And with finishing the game, they have actually taken action on what you have taught them and not just consumed it…

Players can play your game with your native app

Or with their laptop or desktop

 Who This Gamification Platform Is A Great Fit For

Course Creators

Learn how to increase your course completion rate and stand out from your competition.


Learn how you can get your readers to implement all the lessons and knowledge your book.

Info Marketers

Learn how you can make your info product into a game so that you can have reoccurring sales.

Watch the video below and schedule a live demo where NuMove walks you through the front and back end of the software, show you how to best incorporate your course and products, and answer all your questions.

During the Live Demo a NuMove team member will walk you through of the front and back end of the gamification software, as well as how we can best incorporate your products and ideas.

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